Understand Betta Fish Feeding The Correct Way

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Think that Betta’s favorite food is a plant root? Think again!. Bettas are carnivorous fish that require foods high in animal protein. Their preferred foods are worms, insects and insect larvae, not plants or roots. Keep your Bettas healthy by feeing them specialized Betta food now and then.



Your betta’s diet should consist primarily of pellets. For special occasions feed frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp or blood worms.

Clean up any extra food that your betta does not eat. Similarly, watch your betta to see if he spits up any food.

A diet high in protein yet varied is important. Flakes, live food, freeze dried, pellets, whatever works best for you, but vary it. Without varity, it may become constipated, which resembles swim bladder disease; the betta can’t maintain its balance. If your betta is suffering from constipation, cook a pea until squishy, peel it, and break it up into betta-bite-sized pieces. Feeding this three times a day and then nothing at all for 1-2 days should clear up the problem.

Though live food may be exciting to watch, freeze dried products still work great. They are safer and free from potential parasites.

Don’t overfeed your betta, no matter how hungry or cute he or she seems! Remember, your betta’s stomach is about the size of its eyeball!