Treat Sick Betta Fish

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Fish disease hit very fast anytime. The biggest problem people have when they have a sick fish is that they are not prepared. Some common problems fish owners have are:

1)They don’t catch it early enough,

2)They don’t know how to diagnosis the sick fish

3)They don’t have the proper meds on hand!!

Its important to have a first aid kit because when you beta gets sick, most effective beta medications cannot be found at pet stores, and many of you live in areas where even your fish store will not carry them. Heck, some of you don’t even have a fish store in your town! Ordering them online will take time (several days) before the meds reach you. By then you friend Betta may be long gone. Hence, if you care about your Betta at all, you should create a basic ‘Betta First Aid Kit”

Betta First Aid Kit should have the following:


Effective For

BettaZing -Acts as a Substitute for Bettamax- Anti Parasitic, Anti Protozoan and Anti Fungal) Great disease remover. Very effective against Velvet & Clamped fins. Use anytime you add new fish to tank
Good for bacterial infections
Good for serious bacterial infection
Great for pop-eye and gram positive serious infections also effective on some gram negative bacteria
Maracin 1 & Maracin 2
(anti fungal and antibiotic)
OK for mild infections such as slight fin rots, but not very effective for serious stuff.
Jungle fungus remover
(anti fungal)
Great for fungus infections