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Betta Fish Disease – POPEYE Treatment

Betta Fish POPEYE Causes

Most of the fish diseases are caused due to bad water conditions. Again Popeye is due to poor water condition,if water is kept clean you have maintained good water condition, he is not very likely to get Popeye. Popeye is a bacterial infection usually caused by poor water condition. Popeyes are external sign that something inside your Betta is going very wrong. For example, tuberculosis will sometimes result in popeye. In that case, the popeye may not be curable or even if it gets better the fish will die (because tuberculosis is not curable and always kills its host). In short the fish will have died, not of the popeye itself, but because of the more serious disease that triggered it.

So as the water becomes contaminated and saturated with excrement, leftover food, and as the rocks start eroding, as the plants start decaying there is a very good chance that you fish might get popeye.

One or both of Mr. Betta’s eyes start bulging out. In about 2 to 7 days the eye might look so bulged that you will be afraid to look at your betta. Most bettas make a full recovery from it and look normal again, as if nothing had happened. Only some of the popeye cases are caused by the terminal diseases mentioned above and will result in your betta dying. The rest will heal nicely if caught early and treated aggressively. During popeye, betta may be less active, may stop eating.

Popeye is usually not fatal and Mr. Betta will often fully recover. If not treated in time, he may lose an eye. To treat Popeye, clean the tank, change the substrate, throw away all the diseased plants. fill in fresh water. Add the antibiotic Ampicillin to his water. This medication usually comes in capsules. A full capsule usually treats 10 gal of water. So for a 2 gallon of water, open the capsule and take the right proportion of powder and sprinkle on jar water. Please do not over medicate as it might cause adverse effects on your bettas.