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Feeding Betta Fish

Feeding your Betta fish

So what do you feed Betta fish? Well, they really aren’t that fussy at all, although there are some things to avoid and some things that really do help improve the colour and health of betta fish.


The most common thing people feed their Betta fish are flake foods.

These are essentially very thin flakes which contain a large percentage of protein. Fish need protein for growth and colour. These flakes can float, sink and are easily crumbled up for feeding smaller fish. Try to find fish flakes with a cleaner water formula if possible.




You can also find live and frozen food for Betta fish.

This comes in either a small watertight bag from your local aquarium store, or in frozen form. You can increasingly find sachets of live food mixtures and freeze-dried daphnia. These are all good ways of getting nutrition into your betta fish, especially frozen foods. Freeze dried foods are exceptionally cheap and easy to find.

You can catch or even culture your own food for feeding betta fish and your Betta will thank you for a fresh supply of live food as this is the best thing to feed Betta fish. Live food is both stimulating and full of protein, not to mention fresh and natural. All fish have an instinct to try to catch and eat any organisms smaller than themselves therefore live fish foods are perfect for stimulating and feeding your fish.

  • Daphnia are also known as water fleas and can be collected by shining a torch onto a pond at night, or purchased from a store and bred very easily.
  • Brine shrimp and bloodworm are also good things to feed Betta fish and can be easily purchased and cultured to provide an endless supply. Brine shrimp eggs can be purchased relatively cheaply and can be hatched using only a 500ml bottle, a teaspoon of salt and some brine shrimp eggs. There is nothing more to it, providing you keep them somewhere light and warm.


You mustn’t ever attempt to feed other fish, dead or alive, to your Betta. Not only is this cruel, but you cannot determine whether or not such a fish is diseased or not. You should also refrain from throwing bread into your Betta fish tank as this does them no good at all.

Fish food is really quite cheap and a good quality diet enriched with live foods will help your Betta fish to display amazing colours, grow strongly and remain healthy.