How to Feed a Betta Fish

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Betta fish are beautiful and fun to have as pets since they can provide enjoyment for the whole family. Therefore, to keep them happy and healthy is to feed them well and knowing how to feed Betta fish  is a great step in making their livelihood worthwhile. Feeding Bettas is not as easy as you may think as it takes a little skill and knowledge. If you would like your Bettas to have good times, feed them well with various food types.



Below are some instructions on how to feed Betta fish

Make sure that the Betta fish have clean and fresh water supply every time. As you already know that water is what keeps the fish alive, always supply fresh and clean water to their tanks. Ensure that you keep the tanks tidy, removing any impurities as this species is susceptible to disease and death brought about by waterborne bacteria. As you feed the Betta fish, you have to make sure that they see the food entering the tank. Betta fish like eating food at the top of the tank and from the top of the water column, so if they see the food, you drop them to their noses.

Betta feed should include specific food pellets since they enjoy frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. Make sure that the Betta is given 6 to 7 brine shrimp at a go and as long as all have eaten, give them smaller second portions. So every time you feed Betta fish you will enjoy every bit of it. Pre-spawning is the best time when Betta fish should be fed because during this time they can eat black worms, mosquito larva and fruit flies. The fish should be fed no more than four times a day.

Newborn Betta fish need to be encouraged to eat only after they are five days old. Once they are five days old, you have to feed them several times a day with boiled egg yolk or with baby brine shrimp. Make sure that all the fish have eaten by distributing the food evenly in the tank.